Breakthrough composite material of exceptional strength capable of being recovered, recycled and reused repeatedly.

In mid-2020, ExoTechnologies acquired 360 Quantillion, an innovative and specialist composite materials research organisation.

This collaboration of advanced composite material expertise and specialist engineering knowledge has developed a pioneering resource efficiency technology called DANU™ which is capable of accelerating the green transition to circularity for composite material used in maritime craft, ballistic resistance, wind turbine blades, automotive solutions, aircraft construction, food processing etc.

So far, the development team has already produced a full-scoped maritime craft solution and ballistic resistant solution ready for scalable production to commercialise this novel technology.

DANU™ Technical Properties

Mechanical strength:

DANU™ has a specific resistance greater than stainless steel 316 and s-glass composite. DANU™ offers approx. twice the longitudinal strength of stainless steel 316 with a much lower stretch-ratio. Being considerably more stretch-resistant, it offers a lightweight solution over stainless steel 316. Excellent vibration, fatigue and corrosion resistance makes DANU™ a perfect replacement

Electrical characteristics:

DANU™ is a good electrical insulator even at low thickness. Its volume electrical resistance is higher, in order of magnitude, to the comparative s-glass composite. DANU™ electrical resistance remains stable, in a temperature range, between -60oC and 100oC

Dimensional stability:

DANU™ is not sensitive to variations in temperature and hygrometry. It has a low co-efficient of linear and transverse expansion. DANU™, therefore, offers exceptional mechanical properties for loads under pressure, such as; (salt) water tanks, silos and storage containers

Compatibility with organic matrices:

DANU™ can have varying sizes, and has the ability to combine with many synthetic resins and certain mineral matrices like cement. The high-end adhesive factor to other elements offers a wide range of external adhesion applications


DANU™ does not rot in fresh or salt water and remains unaffected by the action of rodents and insects. DANU™ is relatively low maintenance and could support relevant applications, such as, food processing, beverage manufacturing etc…

Thermal conductivity:

DANU™ has low thermal conductivity and remains stable over a wide temperature range making it highly useful in the building industry. With high compression and tensile properties DANU™ can be used for walls, flooring and structural supports

DANU™ Technical Specifications