Re-defining how the planing hull interacts with the water.

This revolutionary and patented hull system has been intelligently designed with a substantially lower attack angle to conventional hulls and its 25º deadrise means that it will easily slice through rough water without launching and limited slamming.

By modifying, and then manipulating waterflow beneath the craft hydraulic lift is generated. It also produces better quality waterflow across the propellors increasing grip which provides superior manoeuvrability and tighter turning with little loss of speed. Its major practical advantage is the helm’s ability to easily maintain a constant visual on the horizon through its linear transition onto the plane which is derived by mitigating stern squat and associated bow lift.

Overall, this craft will provide greater comfort in all weathers by delivering intuitive handling, exceptional seakeeping and directional stability.

This registered design has specifically considered and resolved the performance challenge associated with lithium marine batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, heavy payloads and transom weight (i.e. diesel outboard engines)

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