Jeroen Wats – Technical & Innovation Director

The recent acquisition of TYNC Yacht Design by The Ultimate Boat Company has created a solid base for its sustainable Mission Possible, scientific designs and engineering.  TYNC stands for The Young Naval Creators, leveraging a younger generation of naval architects, who have fresh eyes, no preconceptions and who also want to challenge the status quo of sustainability. TYNC Yacht Design was founded in 2019 by Jeroen.

​Jeroen, a keen ocean racer, is mad about everything that floats.​

Originally from the Netherlands he started a state-of-the-art high performance yacht building company resulting in an impressive proven award and regatta winning track record worldwide.​

With vast experience in high tech, efficient yacht design and building, Jeroen turned his eye to the environment because he witnessed first-hand how polluting the industry is and decided to do something about it.

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