ExoTechnologies, a maritime green technologies start-up, has delivered a fully recyclable, high-performance workboat to Orbital Marine Power, a leader in tidal turbine development. This new vessel, constructed from ExoTechnologies’ innovative DANUTM composite material, is designed to support the operations of the O2 tidal turbine off Orkney, the most powerful of its kind in the world.

The workboat was built at Ultimate Boats, a Glasgow-based boatyard owned by ExoTechnologies. It is part of a comprehensive high-performance workboat range introduced earlier this year, with plans to create 300 jobs at the yard over the next five years. The 11-meter O-class Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RIB) is equipped to handle the demanding maritime conditions around Orkney, featuring a wheelhouse, shock mitigation units, and an impressive operational range of 450 nautical miles.

John Moxham, the chief designer at Ultimate Boats, has engineered the vessel using advanced ExoHullTM technology, which optimises hydrodynamic performance and fuel efficiency based on principles first developed for the XB-70 Valkyrie supersonic bomber. This design enables quicker, more efficient movement in water, enhancing stability and reducing fuel consumption.

ExoTechnologies’ CEO, Shane Mugan, emphasised the company’s commitment to green energy solutions and the significant role of their recyclable DANUTM technology in addressing the ecological issues caused by traditional fiberglass materials. He highlighted the importance of this technology in facilitating the transition to a circular economy, with the capability to profoundly transform boat building and significantly reduce landfill waste.

The delivered vessel will serve as a robust support workhorse for Orbital Marine Power’s innovative tidal energy project, which aims to dramatically reduce the cost of energy derived from tidal currents. The O2 turbine alone is expected to generate enough electricity to power around 2,000 UK homes and save approximately 2,200 tonnes of CO2 annually.

This collaboration between ExoTechnologies and Orbital Marine Power not only underlines the advancement in renewable energy technologies but also showcases the potential for sustainable practices in marine industry operations.

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