ExoTechnologies, a Manx company, has achieved a significant milestone by delivering the world’s first fully recyclable boat to the Scottish police force. This groundbreaking vessel is constructed from DANU, a revolutionary boat-building material developed by ExoTechnologies, capable of replacing fibreglass and carbon fibre. DANU is lauded for its sustainability and recyclability, with founder Jeroen Wats highlighting its non-toxic and eco-friendly properties. The boat underwent rigorous testing, including ballistics testing, to ensure its suitability for law enforcement use. With a top speed of 50 knots and an operating range of 400 nautical miles, it showcases impressive performance capabilities. The boat marks the beginning of a new range to be built at Ultimate Boats, owned by ExoTechnologies, with plans to create 300 jobs within five years. ExoTechnologies aims to raise capital to scale its DANU technology worldwide, underscoring its commitment to revolutionizing boat manufacturing and promoting environmental sustainability.


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