The global problem of fiberglass disposal is gaining increasing attention as the material’s inability to be fully recycled becomes more apparent. Widely used in industries ranging from boat building and reinforced plastics to construction and electronics, fiberglass is nearing a crisis point as it accumulates in landfills. Ironically, it is also a key component in the supposedly eco-friendly wind turbines, with their carbon fiber blades expected to contribute significantly to landfill waste due to the decommissioning of 85GW of capacity by mid-century.

In response to this growing environmental concern, ExoTechnologies, a maritime green technologies startup based in the Isle of Man, is leading the way with sustainable solutions. Ultimate Boats, a subsidiary of ExoTechnologies, has recently made strides by delivering a fully recyclable, high-performance workboat to Orbital Marine Power. This vessel will support Orbital’s groundbreaking project off Orkney, which aims to harness 30MW of tidal energy, demonstrating a practical application of sustainable marine technology.

The vessel is constructed from DANU™, a revolutionary material developed by Dutchman Jeroen Wats, a former yacht designer and avid yachtsman based in Castletown, Isle of Man. Not only does this material promise a reduction in landfill waste, but it also represents a significant leap forward in the use of sustainable materials within the maritime industry. Shane Mugan, CEO of ExoTechnologies, expressed pride in collaborating with Orbital Marine Power, emphasizing the company’s commitment to supporting innovative green energy projects.


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