The Ultimate Boats X-Class is a testament to innovation, drawing inspiration from the aerospace industry to redefine high-performance RIBs. Led by the expertise of naval architect John Moxham, whose background in aircraft design includes work on the XB70 Valkyrie, this Scottish-based company has crafted a vessel that defies conventional maritime design.

The X-Class hull incorporates Moxham’s ingenious “retaining rails,” which manipulate water flow to generate hydraulic lift, akin to the principles used in high-altitude aircraft. This innovative design not only enhances stability but also minimizes bow rise and side slip, offering a smooth and controlled ride even in challenging conditions.

During testing, the X-Class proved its mettle, effortlessly navigating through 4-5ft swells with remarkable stability and agility. Its robust construction, featuring resin-impregnated foam longitudinals and cross beams, ensures durability and quiet operation, while a rigid polyurethane collar adds further protection and resilience.

Designed primarily for commercial and military applications, the X-Class prioritizes comfort, safety, and payload capacity. Equipped with Scotseat suspension units and Ultimate Boats’ own bucket seats, passengers can expect a comfortable journey, even in rough seas. The wheelhouse offers versatile configurations, with a hinged screen for open-air cruising and a canopy system for weather-proofing.

Powered by twin 350hp Suzuki outboards with electronic steering and an Optimus 360 joystick control system, the X-Class delivers impressive performance, reaching speeds of up to 45.5 knots during testing. While still undergoing optimization, the vessel demonstrates exceptional maneuverability and responsiveness, setting a new standard for high-speed water taxis and offshore transport.

With its blend of cutting-edge technology, superior craftsmanship, and unwavering performance, the Ultimate Boats X-Class redefines the possibilities of maritime engineering, offering a glimpse into the future of high-performance RIBs.


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