ExoTechnologies, based on the Isle of Man and owner of the Glasgow-based Ultimate Boats, has entered into an exciting new partnership with the Arizona-based RONN Motor Group, Inc. This collaboration aims to develop clean hydrogen electric propulsion systems for high-performance marine craft, reflecting a shared commitment to decarbonization and sustainable marine technology.

Shane Mugan, CEO of ExoTechnologies, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are very excited to announce our new partnership with a pioneer like the RONN. We share an outlook and passion for driving decarbonization. We are aiming to develop a clean hydrogen electric propulsion solution for our boats. This new system will propel our recyclable high-performance craft into a new era of marine technology.”

Ronn Ford, Chairman & CEO of RONN Motor Group, highlighted the visionary aspect of the collaboration, saying, “The power of our collaboration with ExoTechnologies is in our shared vision of creating a sustainable future through innovative propulsion solutions. Together, we will strive to help drive the marine industry’s transformation, leaving behind a legacy of clean energy and inspiring change for generations to come.”

This partnership marks a significant step towards transforming the marine industry through innovative technology and sustainable energy solutions.

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