In a revealing Q&A, Shane Mugan, CEO of ExoTechnologies, discusses the strides Ultimate Boats is making in the maritime industry with its innovative DANU™ technology and acclaimed M-Class model. DANU™, a fully recyclable composite material, represents a significant advancement in environmental sustainability for boat building, offering a potent alternative to traditional fiberglass which is difficult to recycle and often ends up in landfills. Developed to be strong, lightweight, and reusable, DANU™ supports the shift towards a more sustainable future in marine technology.

Mugan also shared insights into the involvement of John Moxham, a renowned hydrodynamics expert, in enhancing the performance of their boats using cutting-edge hull technology derived from aerospace principles. This technology has been instrumental across Ultimate Boats’ range, ensuring superior handling and stability.

Highlighting the company’s achievements, Mugan proudly mentioned the M-Class model’s recognition at the Southampton International Boat Show where it won the Best RIB Patrol Boat in the World Award. This model exemplifies Ultimate Boats’ commitment to innovation and sustainability, significantly reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Addressing the broader industry challenges, Mugan discussed the ongoing transition from fiberglass to more sustainable materials like DANU™, noting the growing demand for greener alternatives and the importance of full circularity in future boat construction as endorsed by marine sustainability advocates.

For leisure boaters looking to reduce their environmental impact, Mugan recommends simple actions like reducing speed, properly disposing of waste, and using eco-friendly products to help protect marine environments.

Looking ahead, Ultimate Boats plans to continue engaging with the community and showcasing their innovations at future events like the Southampton International Boat Show, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to transforming the marine industry towards sustainable practices.


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