ExoTechnologies, an Isle of Man-based maritime green technology firm, and its subsidiary Ultimate Boats are addressing the global environmental issue of fiberglass disposal with their innovative DANUTM technology. Developed by Dutch inventor Jeroen Wats, DANUTM is a fully recyclable composite material designed as a sustainable and superior alternative to fiberglass and carbon fiber, which are notoriously difficult to recycle and often end up in landfills.

This new material, which emphasises circularity, allows for the recycling and reuse of its components without loss of mechanical properties, offering a solution to the ecological challenges posed by traditional boat building materials. Jeroen’s invention came from blending his curiosity, experience, and passion, aiming to create a material that not only avoids landfill but remains within the economy, contributing to a circular economy.

Ultimate Boats, leveraging this technology, has recently delivered a high-performance workboat to Orbital Marine Power to support its tidal energy project off Orkney. This vessel is part of Ultimate Boats’ commitment to innovating within the marine industry, focusing on sustainability and the development of renewable energy technologies. The workboat features advanced ExoHullTM technology and is designed to handle the demanding sea conditions around Orkney efficiently and with less environmental impact.

The collaboration between ExoTechnologies and Orbital Marine Power underscores the potential of DANUTM technology to revolutionise boat building and highlight the broader applicability of this material in other industries such as sports, leisure, and green energy. With plans to expand and create 300 jobs at their Glasgow yard, ExoTechnologies is poised to lead the transition to more sustainable maritime practices globally.


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