Glasgow-based Ultimate Boats is gearing up to unveil two new recyclable, high-performance workboats at the Seawork trade fair in Southampton from June 13-15. The company will introduce the 7.5m Coastal C-Class and the 11.5m Tactical T-Class vessels, constructed using ExoTechnologies’ revolutionary DANUTM composite material, which offers a sustainable alternative to traditional fiberglass.

These vessels, specifically designed for military and police use, underscore the company’s commitment to sustainable maritime solutions. The Tactical T-Class vessel, named ‘Lightning,’ will be showcased in a strategic partnership with Hampshire Police, demonstrating its capabilities firsthand.

Shane Mugan, the owner of Ultimate Boats, expressed pride in the company’s progress since launching its first fully recyclable workboat at last year’s Seawork. He highlighted the growing market demand for greener boat building solutions, particularly in sectors like offshore wind, military, and law enforcement. Mugan emphasized that DANUTM not only addresses the recycling challenges posed by fiberglass but also contributes to preventing ecological damage by ensuring that boats can be recycled and reused indefinitely.

With a full order book and a strong market response, Ultimate Boats is poised to drive significant advancements in the maritime industry, aiming to transform boat building with their cutting-edge DANUTM and ExoHullTM technologies. These technologies not only enhance the vessels’ efficiency and stability but also significantly reduce fuel costs and emissions.

Looking ahead, Ultimate Boats is exploring autonomous and electric propulsion technologies to further enhance the sustainability of their fleet, aligning with global trends towards greener and more efficient marine transportation solutions.


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