ExoTechnologies, based on the Isle of Man and owner of Ultimate Boats, has successfully delivered a high-performance workboat to aid in the operations of Orbital Marine Power’s O2 tidal turbine off Orkney. Known as the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, the O2 has been a key project in renewable energy, capable of generating enough electricity to power about 2,000 UK homes annually while saving over 30,000 tonnes of carbon across its 15-year operational life.

The newly delivered 11-metre rigid hull inflatable boat, constructed at Ultimate Boats, is part of a sophisticated range that was launched earlier this year. Designed to withstand the challenging sea conditions around Orkney, it can carry eight people and boasts an impressive operating range of 450 nautical miles.

This initiative follows ExoTechnologies’ delivery of its first commercial vessel to Police Scotland in 2022, a milestone that marked a £7 million investment in research and development. Shane Mugan, CEO of ExoTechnologies, emphasised the company’s commitment to supporting green energy innovations and addressing the ecological challenges posed by traditional fibreglass boats through their recyclable composite material technology.

Ultimate Boats continues to expand its offerings, which now include a 13-metre crew transfer vessel and an 11.5-metre multi-mission workboat, both designed for high performance and durability in tough maritime environments. Mugan highlighted the strong market interest in their vessels, underlining their capability to contribute significantly to the advancement of a sustainable marine industry.

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