Ultimate Boats, a Glasgow-based boat builder, is set to introduce two new high-performance workboats at the Seawork trade fair in Southampton from June 13-15. These vessels, the 7.5m Coastal C-Class and the 11.5m Tactical T-Class, are crafted from the revolutionary DANUTM composite material, developed by Exo Technologies, which offers a recyclable alternative to traditional fiberglass. This innovative material not only supports environmental sustainability but also enhances the boats’ performance by being lighter yet stronger than fiberglass.

The Tactical T-Class vessel, named ‘Lightning,’ will be demonstrated in collaboration with Hampshire Police, showcasing its capabilities for military and police use. Both boats are custom-designed by Ultimate Boats’ chief designer John Moxham, whose designs incorporate ExoHullTM technology that optimizes hydrodynamic performance based on principles developed during the XB-70 Valkyrie supersonic bomber project. This design significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions by ensuring quicker and more efficient movement through water.

Shane Mugan, owner of Ultimate Boats, expressed pride in their advancements in sustainable boat building, highlighting the full order book and growing demand from sectors such as offshore wind, military, and law enforcement. Mugan emphasized the potential of DANUTM to transform boat building by making the industry more sustainable and efficient. He also noted the strong interest from various commercial operators and agencies across Europe in their innovative vessel designs.

Ultimate Boats is also exploring the development of autonomous and electrically propelled versions of their vessels to further advance their commitment to sustainability. The company currently employs over 30 people and has received accolades for their innovations, including having their Police Scotland boat named Patrol Boat of the Year and being a finalist at the Maritime UK Awards.


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