Test concludes ExoProtect composite material is bulletproof

New sustainable and resource-efficient composite proved to be ballistic resistant.

Author: Norbert Neumann

Credit: Shutterstock

ExoTechnologies, a company that focuses on accelerating high-potential resource efficiency projects, has developed a bulletproof material from DANU. It is a recyclable composite material also used for high-performance boat hulls.

The ballistic resistant product is called ExoProtect. It has passed third party testing and received ballistic resistance certification. The company said the independent lab that conducted the test has over 50 years of experience.

ExoProtect’s specific formula is made from styrene-free resin and sustainable fibres. It is stronger and lighter than fibreglass, less brittle than carbon fibre, and is not compromised by water like other polyaramid fibres like Kevlar.

The solution is highly mouldable and can be formed to the precise geometries of tactical marine craft, combat vehicles and aircraft components, to protect both personnel and hardware.

Founder of ExoTechnologies Rear Admiral (ret) Michael J Silah said: “ExoProtect is an excellent step forward in the protection of personnel and equipment in vulnerable situations. In my experience, performance is usually compromised for safety. ExoProtect solves this problem with a stronger, lighter solution,”

The chemical bond of DANU and ExoProtect can provide integrated protection.

ExoProtect met industry standards for protection from small arms including 9mm and .44 Magnum rounds from 16 feet and 7.62mm rounds from a range of 50 feet. Shots against the armour samples were performed at 0.0° obliquity and at ambient range temperature.

The producer claims the product also delivers ballistic resistance against explosive fragments and protects from multiple shots.

ExoProtect also offers wind turbine and boat hulls made of recyclable and hydrophobic composite material.

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