Motorboat & Yachting ​​:​RATED: “SERIOUSLY IMPRESSIVE”.

The article recounts MBY editor Hugo Andreae’s experience at the 2022 Seawork Boat Show, where he test-drove the Ultimate Boats 11 police RIB with designer John Moxham. The RIB features a unique hydraulic-lift hull design utilizing special spray rails for enhanced lift and grip. Notably, it is constructed from a new sustainable composite material called DANU, offering durability and environmental benefits without compromising on aesthetics. The boat’s functional layout includes walkaround decks, grab rails, and a fully enclosed wheelhouse for year-round use. During the test drive, the Ultimate Boats 11 achieved impressive speeds of 44 knots and showcased excellent cornering capabilities, thanks to its innovative hull design. Overall, the article highlights the RIB’s performance, sustainability, and versatility for both professional and leisure use.


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